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Village of Antioch ~ Authentic by Nature

Vision Statement

“Antioch is a community steeped in rich history and tradition, anchored by a safe, small-town atmosphere, and known for its quality of life.  Its vibrant economy draws from the charm of a quaint downtown, a well educated workforce, and a robust commercial sector. The variety of recreational opportunities available to residents and visitors are accentuated by the area’s proximity to the Chain of Lakes and network of locally-established park, open space, and trail systems. Antioch proudly supports the collaboration of its educational institutions, faith-based and philanthropic organizations, and service agencies to provide opportunities for investment and the enrichment of our families, businesses, and community”.

The Antioch Community Vision is an expression of what we value as a community and where we hope to be in the future. It is motivated by the idea that if we articulate where we are trying to go and share the message in a report and findings, the likelihood of success increases significantly.

As a living document, the Vision shall be used and reviewed regularly by all members of our community including, but not limited to, residents, local government, civic organizations, institutions and businesses.

Organization and layout
The Antioch Community Vision is organized into a single, unified executive statement (Vision Statement) of six (6) core values, and is then followed by an additional analysis of each core value which further illustrates a desired or ideal future for Antioch.

Within each Core Value analysis, a mission statement is included to provide direction to achieve that vision. More focused and tactical than the overall vision statement, the Core Value analysis and missional goals express greater meaning and detailed direction for achievement.  Click on each value for a more in-depth analysis.

Supporting exhibits and findings are included to explain data trends and provide backup to the methods and findings.  Graphs and pictograms illustrate the results of the Community wide survey and reveal the themes that supported the Core Values, Mission Statements, and goals set forth in the body of the Community Vision.

6 Core Values Defined:

Small Town Atmosphere & Historic Community Character - Mission:  Enhance Antioch's unique attributes - its small town feel and historic community character.  Build upon the cornerstone of service and the Village's culture of renewal, volunteerism, and philanthropy.  Revitalize and expand downtown as a community focal point that offers a unique and memorable experience for residents and visitors.

Pedestrian Connectivity & Community Accessibility - Mission:  Increase travel options through enhanced walking, bicycling, and transportation systems.  Enhance mobility through increased connectivity of activity centers and improved active transportation network.

Entertainment, Recreation & Active, Healthy Lifestyles - Mission:  Promote fun, active lifestyles, quality of life, and community health by improving the availability of social and recreational opportunities.

Open Spaces & the Natural Environment - Mission:  Prioritize the enhancement, restoration, and utilization of open spaces and natural environment.  Support and protect Antioch's unique open space and lake heritage through environmental stewardship.

A Vibrant Economy, Business Diversity, & Tourism - Mission:  Strengthen the Village's economy and its position as a commercial center through the promotion of increased specialty retail, dining opportunities, Antioch's tourism sectors, and a diverse portfolio of businesses that support the Antioch Vision.

High Quality Education, Community Services, & Civic Engagement - Mission:  Support quality, comprehensive education and life-long learning opportunities, provide community services for a changing population, and maintain a high standard of public safety.

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