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Village of Antioch Briefing Room

Welcome to the Village of Antioch Briefing Room.  This webpage is dedicated to report on decisions made by the Village Board that affect the residents of the Village of Antioch.  On this page you'll find press releases, news updates, upcoming agenda items and recent actions taken by your elected officials.  This page will contain factual information, and is not intended to express the opinions of any individual elected official or staff.  If you would like to subscribe to receive briefing room updates, please click here.

To view complete agendas or approved minutes, please go to our online documents here.

Recent Village Board Action

Upcoming Meetings

February 6, 2017 Village Board Public Hearing and Regular Meeting

Public Hearing regarding the annexation of property to the Village of Antioch commonly known as 41055 N. Route 83 - 7:30 PM

Regular Meeting - Immediately following public hearing

Consent Agenda
1.  Approval
of the January 16, 2017 regular meeting minutes as presentedApproved as presented

Regular Business
2.  Consideration of payment of accounts payable as prepared by staff - Approved as presented
3.  Update on Fire Department Transition
4.  Consideration of a Resolution Authorizing the Village Administrator to execute a contract with Bolder Contractors for the replacement of the Orchard Street Extension Culvert for Sequoit Creek in the amount of $502,362.66 - Approved as presented
5.  Consideration of an Annexation, Annexation Agreement, Rezoning to B-3 for an approximately 2.27 acre parcel on Route 93 which is currently located in unincorporated Lake County.Attorney Authorized to draft an ordinance
6.  Consideration of an Ordinance granting a special use for an electronic message board at Culvers (PZB 16-15SU) Approved as presented

February 20, 2017 Village Board Meeting:

Mayoral Report
Thank you to the push up challenge participants
Mayoral Proclamation Celebrating 125 years

Consent Agenda
1.     Approval of the February 6, 2017 regular meeting minutes as presented.
2.     Approval of a Resolution Authorizing the Annual Easter Parade to be held on Saturday, April 15, 2017 – Resolution No. 17-05
3.     Approval of a Resolution Authorizing the Annual 4th of July Parade to be held on Tuesday, July 4, 2017 – Resolution No. 17-06
4.     Approval of Resolution to Authorize the Village Administrator to sell, salvage or otherwise dispose of equipment – Resolution No. 17-07

Regular Business
5.     Consideration of payment of accounts payable as prepared by staff.
6.     Consideration of an Ordinance Annexing and Approving an Annexation Agreement for certain property to the Village of Antioch commonly known 41055 N. Route 83 – Ordinance No. 17-02-04
7.     Consideration of an Ordinance Granting a Rezoning for the property commonly known as 41055 N. Route 83 to B-3 Zoning District (PZB 16-14) – Ordinance No. 17-02-50

8.     Consideration of a Resolution to enter into a new lease agreement with PNC Equipment Finance, LLC regarding 2015 Ford F450 Type 1 Life Line Ambulance, and thereafter to assign the same to the First Fire Protection District of Antioch – Resolution No. 17-08
9.     Consideration of a Resolution Authorizing the Village Administrator to execute a construction engineering agreement for the Orchard Street Culvert Replacement – Resolution No. 17-09

Press Releases & Upcoming Events and News Updates

Joint Press Release from Antioch Police and Antioch Fire Departments
Political Sign Regulations
Village Phone Systems
Coffee with a Cop
Media Release - Attempted Vehicular Hijacking
Bid Notice - Sludge Hauling
Seasonal Job Opportunities
Request for Proposals to restore and repaint tennis court surfaces at Centennial Park
Press Release - Economic Development
Press Release - St. Ignatius
Lions Club Seeks Donations for Village Pavilion

Reports and Village Correspondence

Connections Magazine - Winter 2016
Fall & Winter Program Guide
Water and Sewer Bills Online
Authentic Antioch Website
Public Works distributes list of non-flushable items


The Content of the webpage is approved by the Village Administrator and staff and is not intended for the use of outside agencies and their announcements.  Any organizations wishing to distribute event information may continue to do so through the Authentic Antioch website.  Please email Shawn Roby to submit your articles.