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Entertainment, Recreation & Active, Healthy Lifestyles

Vision Mission Statement:  Promote fun, active lifestyles, quality of life, and community health by improving the availability of social and recreational opportunities.

Active Lifestyles and Entertainment

Demands for shopping, dining, and entertainment options are highly valued by Antioch residents.   They appreciate the ability to purchase a bundle of goods and desire to enjoy local shopping as discretionary entertainment.  Both these demands are satisfied by the array of businesses that create the Antioch entertainment experience.   Specialty goods and activities that join commerce with the small town atmosphere are desired.  In the future, Antioch provides a greater choice of entertainment and commerce opportunities that offer residents and visitors “something to do”.   The availability of recreation based around natural amenities, art, culture, and entertainment provides opportunities for residents to enjoy their community and activate their social lives.

Access and Availability of Activities

Access is not only a function of sidewalks and trail projects, but a series of intelligent land use decisions that locate compatible developments and uses in closer proximity to one another.  Antioch will locate services near housing and provide connections making compatible land uses more accessible thereby increasing the mobility of the general population by increasing access to nearby recreation and entertainment.   Antioch encourages health & well-being through pedestrian and bicycle paths that promote the vitality of  its residents, downtown area, schools, commerce centers, and neighborhoods.

Parks and Recreation

Antioch is served with a well-developed network of parks and public spaces.  These amenities are accessible to all portions of the Village and serve as part of Antioch’s recreation experience.  Antioch’s parks, entertainment, public activities, special events, and programs provide inclusive opportunities for all ages and citizen groups to socialize and live an active lifestyle.  The Village’s own facilities and local improvements are interconnected with the facilities constructed by the state, county, and forest preserves and broaden the areas that are accessible and enjoyed by residents. 

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