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Open Spaces & the Natural Environment

Vision Mission Statement:  Prioritize the enhancement, restoration, and utilization of open spaces and natural environment. Support and protect Antioch’s unique open space and lake heritage through environmental stewardship.

Chain of Lakes and Natural Environment

The Chain of Lakes and surrounding natural areas have long served as the areas premiere natural resources for recreation and tourist based commerce.  Antioch’s restored connection to the Chain of Lakes through targeted investment will improve its quality of life, economy, and attraction by offering residents, visitors, and businesses an additional asset that differentiates the Antioch experience from others in the collar counties and the region.

Public Spaces and the Public Domain

Streets, Parks, and neighborhood gathering spaces are the first and most visible open spaces available to residents.   They are ever-present in our daily lives and dramatically influence the image and aesthetic of a community.  These places serve on the front line as open space and recreational service areas often providing dual roles as storm water management or animal sanctuaries.  Antioch’s right of ways and public improvements will consider the environmental implications and beauty of the area in addition to their basic utility.    Public infrastructure projects and capital investments will forward the Vision, sustain, and support high quality neighborhoods and environments for the community. 

Coordinating land development plans and open space development, along with internal pedestrian facilities to these areas will enhance the accessibility of usable open space to the community.  Antioch is served with a well developed network of parks and public spaces.  Antioch’s parks, entertainment, public activities, special events, and local improvements are interconnected with the facilities constructed by the state, county, and forest preserves which broaden the areas that are accessible and enjoyed by residents.

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