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Pedestrian Connectivity & Community Accessibility

Vision Mission Statement: Increase travel options through enhanced walking, bicycling, and transportation systems. Enhance mobility through increased connectivity of activity centers and improved active transportation network.

Pedestrian Connectivity

Outside its core downtown and traditional neighborhoods, the VIllage developed largely as a suburban style community dominated by automobile biased infrastructure and development patterns.   The limited availability of sidewalks and connecting trails in these areas has created obstacles to access and mobility throughout town and the larger community.  In the future, improved trail systems and complete streets, where roadways include adequate sidewalks, ensure that neighborhoods are connected to parks and trail systems, thereby enhancing the quality of life, and allowing for safe and enjoyable movement throughout the Village without the requirements of an automobile. 

Community Accessibility

The Village’s current transportation network is enhanced to improve the safety and comfort of all travelers.  Well connected streets and pedestrian routes are established through projects that improve local mobility. Planned improvements that link future development by expanding upon the existing pedestrian facilities and trails improve the opportunity for community connections to existing businesses goods, service, parks, and recreation opportunities. 

Regional access is improved by coordinated improvements on the regional level.   Weekend services provided by commuter rail and well designed roadways will allow for goods, services, commerce, and visitors to travel to and from regional employment centers by a variety of transportation options.

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