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Small Town Atmosphere & Historic Community Character

Vision Mission Statement: Enhance Antioch’s unique attributes—its small town feel and historic community character. Build upon the cornerstone of service and the Village’s culture of renewal, volunteerism, and philanthropy. Revitalize and expand downtown as a community focal point that offers a unique and memorable experience for residents and visitors.

Small Town Atmosphere

Antioch’s small town feel and historic character are defining attributes of the Village and create a traditional, small-town identity.  Our proximity to the Chain of Lakes and natural resources are historically tied to our establishment and economic success. The community is united in its desire that Antioch remain beautiful, well-kept, clean, quiet, safe, and well-planned. Antioch will work to maintain both its community character and quality of life by protecting its heritage as a lake community, and hometown community, while offering neighbors and guests a warm and welcoming visitors’ experience.

Historic Community Character

The Village’s historic character comes from its turn of the century downtown and the legacy as a vacation lake community.  Embracing this history and implementing it are accomplished through environmental design and investments that reestablish our connection to the natural lake elements.  The Authentic by Nature brand represents a cultural and geographic relationship between our natural surroundings and the heritage of a destination community rooted in a genuine agricultural work ethic.  The community envisions this dynamic not only being maintained but enhanced in its desire to keep its authentic elements and natural amenities in a mutually beneficial and harmonious relationship.

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