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Antioch Wastewater Treatment Facility

WWTF1When you think about the variety of materials that enter the wastewater system from a typical home, the list is diverse and extensive: waste from toilets; soap, detergents, and cleaning products from drains and washing  machines; food items from garbage disposals, all along with large quantities of water. How is this material removed so that the water may be safely returned to the environment, and possibly, utilized again by other people downstream?

For the residents of Antioch, your home is serviced by a public sewer system.  Wastewater leaves your residence and is piped to a wastewater treatment facility, where it runs through a series of steps to clean the water, prior to being released into the Sequoit creek and ultimately into the Chain of Lakes.

The first step is known as preliminary treatment, in which large objects are removed from the water stream.  Following the preliminary is secondary treatment where Antioch is utilizing a process called Enhanced Biological Nutrient Removal.  In this stage, bacteria are introduced and they begin consuming the small particles of organic matter that remain in the wastewater. With the E.B.N.R (Enhanced Biological Nutrient Removal) process bacteria is manipulated in such way to treat phosphorus. Phosphorus is a nutrient found in nature.  Excess nitrogen and phosphorus lead to significant water quality problems, including harmful algae booms, hypoxia, and declines wildlife and wildlife habitat.  With the newly upgraded facility, we are still using a chemical to treat the phosphorus, but the bacteria are doing most of work providing a significant cost savings.  After the secondary stage, the wastewater moves on to a set of tanks where most of the bacteria settle to the bottom and get returned to the secondary stage.  The final step for the wastewater before entering Sequoit creek is to be exposed to ultraviolet light killing any remaining bacteria. On average, the wastewater facility removes over 90% of the impurities that were in the wastewater as it entered the plant.

Antioch Wastewater Treatment Facility not only takes residential, but industrial and commercial wastewater. The newly upgraded treatment facility has a design maximum flow of 9,200,000 million gallons of wastewater that it can treat. The daily average flow is around 1,500,000 million gallons. The current facility is designed for twenty years of service if properly maintained.


Meet all National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System limits or (N.P.D.E.S) for short.  The Antioch Wastewater Treatment Facility is highly regulated by the Illinois E.P.A. as well as the Federal E.P.A.  The lab at the Treatment Facility runs over 700 tests a year to ensure we meet these stringent guidelines set by the Environmental Protection Agency.

One of the guidelines of the N.P.D.E.S. is to have licensed operators run the facility. Currently the entire treatment facility staff hold wastewater licenses.

To protect the environment and the citizens of Antioch.

To operate in an efficient manner, reducing operating costs. 

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Antioch Treatment Facility
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Phone: 847-395-2599
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Supervisor of Wastewater Operations - Jason Treat

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